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Getting a property from rehab to producing income can be a long process. It also does not have to be, This property was leased in 7 days for $1200 a month. The whole process took 4 weeks after purchase. 

The difference is the client was updated through the whole process with videos and pictures. The video below is one of those update videos the client got weekly while the property was being updated. 

Every home gets a detailed quote for rehab. This home was no different and the client understood what the rent was going to be before they purchased this home. Everything came in budget and the home was leased at the quoted price. 

​Below are the before and after pictures that were taken of this property. ​These pictures are great for a lot of reasons. To update the client, insurance and to prove to any appraiser that the work was completed. 

Click here to view the Before Pictures 

Click here to view the After Pictures 

Building your real estate strategy before you purchase a property is so important to how much you will make in income and profit on any property. 

This is also true with buying a home. Make sure you're in an area that is trending up in equity and you have all the information on the details of your home. This can include any rehab you have done, replacements and upgrades you have made on the home during your ownership. 

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