What Every Successful Investor should do over the Holidays

 1. Buying real estate during the Holidays can be a great way to get the best deals on the market. There are a lot of investors that take time off on the Holidays. I think you can both take time off and still get great deals. I have found some of my best deals in December and January. 

2. Looking at your portfolio and seeing how well it is doing. basically see what is working and what is not. Is your tenant retention good? How much is your repairs costing? What is your equity position? Is your property making money? 

3. Set 2022 Goals for what you want to do in income. if you have properties it will be easy to do if your current portfolio is performing. If it is not, maybe you need to make changes. 

4. You also want to review your rents and understand the normal in the area your home is in. For example check out the rents on Zillow. Look at the listings done by Realtors; they are usually the highest and best ways to determine rents in the area. Property Management is usually less because they deal with a lot of real estate and do not have time to market and show as much as a real estate agent. 

5. Do research and see what other investors are doing successfully in your area. That will assist you in understanding even more about the local real estate market. Zillow, Realtor.com, and even my site if you're in Cleveland metro https://brettyoung.fathomrealty.com/.

There are a few tips if you need more call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or sign in below for some Free Information 

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