Tired of Managing your Real Estate? Let us do it

We have a full professional staff and our office located in Beachwood Ohio. We like what we do and we do it well. We get top rents for your home and get quality tenants. We have all the investor's services also.

We opened this company to cater to investors that want to have great communication and have regular updates on their real estate. We do that through our software portals and keeping them updated. We do a full background check on tenants and make sure they can afford the lease payments. We basically want you to enjoy your income real estate.

We can also handle all the daily details and manage real estate for your portfolio. I personally only select areas that we believe will get our clients great returns and create growing equity. 
Avalon understands the value of an area and the strength of the rental market. We only look in areas that match our high standards.

 In Ohio we have Avalon Realty Group handles all the select areas to have rental properties. Our system gets you the best service and collects your income monthly consistently. 

Having a team of professionals that understand your needs for income real estate, and working hard to find the best ones is what we are about. We opened this property management company (Avalon Realty Group), only because of the lack of quality property managers in the current market. We understand and meet your real estate needs.

We are not the biggest, but we think we are the best! Whether you are a seasoned investor or have a REIT, Joint Venture lets you help you with all your property management needs. 

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