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What do people need most? Real-Estate


  Real Estate is still the best way to earn income. You see a lot of huge companies begging for your money to buy their real estate formulas. You come to meetings and ask questions about investing your money into their real estate and program. The meeting usually goes on for a couple of hours and you walk out ready to buy their real estate deals. The secret sauce is getting the middleman out of your buying equation. Let's look at the three steps.

Step one: We find properties in good to excellent areas. Location is everything in real estate, you want to be located in areas that can see good appreciation. In good locations you will also have consistent income because the property is in a desirable area. Remember the saying Location, Location, Location ?

Step two looks at how many rentals are in an area you are looking at. Pretty easy to find how many rentals are in an area with the internet these days. If you see a lot of rentals in an area it usually means homes are hard to sell in that area and have to rent. Today we have a hot real estate market so it is easier to see which areas are selling and or still renting. We are currently doing a home for a client that is in an area with few rentals, and many quality tenants. The area should see some good equity growth.

That has been successful for our clients to be able to create an income source and also create equity. They decide when they want to sell or they just keep their income rolling in. We have both types of investors. The key is that they have choices and a better control on controlling their investments.

Step Three looks at both your income and possible equity growth. If you're in an area that is growing in equity, so will the rent. Be careful when you buy a home to ensure that the location is showing equity growth and has plenty of amenities close by.

Overall you want to get a home that will earn you a nice monthly income and in an area that can create equity.

Need income real estate that matches these 3 steps?

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