Get a house in Cleveland, Ohio before the tech startups come


 "Whether you are purchasing your first home, moving on from your current residence, or buying a property to flip, you always want the best return on your investment. If you are not dead set on a specific location, it helps to do your research and check out what the cost of buying a home from state to state is"

Buying any type of investment real estate is cost and state landlord laws. Cleveland Ohio Metro is loaded with really nice properties that do not cost what other states do.

Cleveland Ohio Real Estate supports a good income in good areas for around $120,000-$150,000. 

"Investing your money into the housing market is still one of the smartest ways to build your net worth, according to CNBC. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, real estate agent and co-founder of Brotherly Love Real Estate in Philadelphia, Jon Sanborn, tells us, "One of the primary reasons humans buy property is to build their portfolio and wealth." However, he warns that "when you are looking for homes in a pricey area, there is no way that you will receive the best value for your money as the wealth will get churned up by mortgage." So where exactly in the United States does Sanborn think people will get the best bang for their buck? "

It's a common theme as a regular American that not access to wealth from family Real Estate is the best way to make that happen. The key is where and who to use? 

"But if you want an affordable house, you might have to act quickly. Like in the rest of the United States, the real estate market is beginning to heat up. According to Roofstock, some houses are contingent on the same day they are listed. That's because buying a home in Cleveland is a solid investment: The city's market has one of the lowest risks for real estate dips."

I have been doing this since 1985 (writing a book on my experiences) and it has made me a great life and it can do that for you also.

Tired of the up and down market, the news and all the other negative stuff? Start looking at Real Estate.

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