Realtors that think short term growth


Realtors fail at a rate of 90% in just 5 years and a lot in just 2 years. Why is that? I get the privilege of talking to a lot of agents and I listen to at least 1 podcast a day on being a Realtor.

The issue is getting out of the starting gate the correct way. Many brokerages and coaches teach that you need to spend your day calling and calling until you get business. That does not sound like something to look forward to on a daily basis. Burnout has to be huge and you basically need  to continue doing that for the life of your business.

Then you have to give a large amount of money and commission splits learning the best most profitable lines to speak when you call. I have heard of 50-60 calls a day YIKES that sucks!

My real estate business has learned how to not cold call and create business through marketing and unique real estate services my clients need. In fact I have never cold called in my life.

I am creating a class that will teach you as a Realtor how to attract and keep investors. My Investors have purchased a ton of real estate. Investors serviced correctly get me a ton of transactions and commissions.

My system will teach you how to set up your investment real estate business and the different strategies that will show you the many different ways I keep business coming in.

My course will show you how to purchase, rehab, lease and property manage a home. I will also show you how to purchase your own real estate to get consistent income and create wealth for your business,

Being a Realtor for the last 22 years I have learned how to get consistent commissions and business through servicing investors and knowing how to market my services.

Need to be part of the 10% of agents that stays in business after 5 years? Need consistent commissions coming in? Need to add wealth for your real estate business and learn how to get the best deals? Want to stop cold calling?

Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Whatsapp me and be one of the first to learn my Investment Real Estate System. It Works even when your not

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