Putting the Client First, Not the Property

Making Clients happy is really the best foundation you can build for any company. My clients spend a lot of money with me and I need to ensure that they like what they are buying.

Doing 450 transactions since 2018 gives me the resume to say I have happy clients because they keep buying. We do the purchase, rehab, leasing, management and selling of our clients real estate. That keeps it simple for the investor and they know who to call when they have a question. 

Getting real estate that my clients want and can make money on is crucial to me making a deal. I have walked away from many deals simply because I did not like something.

Knowing where to buy and not to buy is another important factor on consistent income and less move outs. Avalon Group Realty picks tenants that stay on average 18-24 months. This does two things: get more income and less fix up.

Having a seasoned experienced Investment Realtor creates a better path to getting to your real estate goals.

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