Why you need a Construction Management

Talking to 5 investors in the last two weeks and learning that they had some issues finishing their properties rehab.  I got to help some and others just ran out of money because the contractor that was supposed to do the work had abandoned the project.

My real estate investing system creates a safe haven for investors to get their projects purchased, rehabbed, leased, managed and sold. It is not easy to set up all these systems and it costs me a lot of time. We save them a lot of money also.

The key is that every single property purchased is done so by investors that work hard for their money and they want their money to work hard for them.

Doing 450 + transactions since 2018 has taught me how to get better than a lot of other agents that try and do what I do.

Most realtors do not spend the time working and getting a property finished to get leased or sold. 

Had an investor that purchased a property and her husband decided to manage the property himself. Unfortunately he passed away and his wife reached out and asked for me to help get their property sold. 

I of course took on the challenge and rehabbed the property and sold the property at top price. She called me and was grateful, which was very nice.  I had a job to do and I got it done ✅ fro her so she could move on in her life.

During the holiday season when most Realtors were doing their holiday stuff which I totally agree . We had units that went vacant and needed to be rehabbed and leased.

So we did just that getting 4 out of 6 units leased for our clients during the holiday season. That took open houses in the evening and maybe got 1 or two possible tenants that would show up in the two hours there.

Getting the properties finished asap and putting them up for lease was just as important when I felt like going somewhere else. 

That is what we do for our clients....need that kind of service? 

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