It Really makes a difference in buying the right Income Real Estate

Buying an income property does not have to be difficult and you don't need surprises after you purchase a property.  You know those phone calls you get when there’s a problem with this or that. Sometimes there are problems but they need to be minor. Usually minor issues can run up to $2000 extra, If it’s over that then that would be a surprise.

Buying and leasing the hundreds of homes that we have done allows us to help you not make those mistakes in almost all cases. We carefully go through the house and check for what we think things need to be done and our experience of doing the hundreds of homes that we have done allows us to help you not make those mistakes.

  It’s pretty simple when you think about it. The house needs good plumbing, electrical, and to make sure that the foundation and roof are all good. Usually when that is repaired maintenance is light.  HVAC and air-conditioner also need to be checked and are important to the home.

We go a step further with our pictures and videos that we give our clients so they are updated every week. A lot of people can’t believe all the videos we’ve done. We’ve done almost 3200+ videos for our clients so they can always know what’s going on with her properties. It's important to have full disclosure and make the client feel comfortable during the process. It also helps with insurance quotes and appraisals because it shows all the work that was done.

 When you’re investing hard earned money you need to have good assets that generate good tenants and consistent income. That is what we try to do for each one of our homes and in most cases over 95% of the time they are consistent income. The small 5% we deal with and get them making consistent income. We never leave the deal; we're always there to help our clients through the process.

Income real estate or investment real estate is a lifelong commitment to the ownership of that home. Almost all our clients live out of state or even out of the country. That is why it is so important to have boots on the ground to handle the day-to-day operations and know that your property is being taken care of.

So don’t make life hard by buying properties that don’t perform check out what type of properties you’re looking for and looking at. Very important to know that your property is both creating income and equity for the future. Equity is a way to build very good wealth while you are collecting income on the property.

 Lastly you need to have very good property management to keep tenants  paying and keep the home maintained. Most property managers are all the same Lori decided to open a company that was different than all other property managers. We personally lease almost all our houses ourselves.  Why do we do that because we need to get the best tenants available in the market and make sure that we are getting the top rents.

Our company gets 20% better rent than almost all other leasing agents in Ohio. That is so important. I just saw one that was rented for $75 a month too cheap in Bedford. That will cost the client over the year $1000. That’s a lot of money that he should’ve made and he’s not going to get it because it was rented too cheap. Remember it’s easier for anybody to rent cheaper last time with less effort from the property management. We get the top rents for our clients.

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