Why is buying investment real estate better on the MLS


 Why is the Multiple Listing Service so good to purchase Investment real estate from? The first reason is there is more inventory in finding a great deal. Everyday there are fresh new properties  to look at and bid on. The key is to be able to recognize the great deals and get offers in on them quickly. That is what I do for my investors daily is look, find and write offers on properties. 

Another great reason to use the MLS is the disclosures you get on each property. When you are purchasing from a wholesaler or non-licensed person you may or may not get all the information you need to make an intelligent decision.  For example there are residential property disclosures that you need to see on what the owner knows about the property and you can do inspections. That to me is crucial for a property with little or no surprise repairs.

Wholesalers markup the property they do not even own. I have seen $60,000-$70,000 markups from wholesalers that get more money in their pockets than the investors. Think about that investors put up all the money to purchase and repair a home and the wholesaler walks away with a ton of cash and no obligations and all the profits.  I see investors lose 10's of thousands of dollars buying from wholesalers and that is wealth that the investors should get a lot of.

Comps (Values) are much more accurate from a Licensed Real Estate Agent than a Wholesaler who does not have access to the Multiple Listing Service. MLS is an audited site from the state that helps ensure the accuracy of property values. That is the key t o investing in real estate knowing how much a property is worth when you buy it. 

Their numbers on leasing and income never take into consideration the quality of the tenants and rent rates. Let's face it $1350 a month is better than $1000 a month. Net profits are important because of rehab costs after the tenant is finished with their lease. 

Lastly you also get pictures with the listing and a description of the property. Size, Bedrooms, bathrooms and more. Each realtor adds their description of the property to help each potential buyer understand the property more. That keeps our clients informed and they understand the process and details throughout the process.

That is just a few things the Multiple Listing Service does for real estate investors. It is the most accurate property site on the internet that is updated by only licensed Realtors.

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