Does your Real Estate Agent do this for you?

Sometimes deals are way harder than they seem. I recently closed a property in the Cleveland Metro area with a client in Germany.

This was a cash deal that needed to be closed in just 2 weeks. My client's attorney that ran his trust account was in Canada for a week's vacation. I was unaware of this until the week of the closing.

I called the attorney and informed me it was a local bank and he could not wire from a distance. This created an issue to close on time.

I called the Agent and they informed me after a 15 min chat that the sellers had issues with that. They did sign the extension for 1 week more. I thought I was out of the weeds and would have no other issues.

The client wired some of the money from their trust account and an international account. We were still $35,000 short of the total.

I called my client and they informed me that the rest of the money was coming in from another international account. They actually sent me proof it was coming.

It was closing day and the sellers were upset and said that they were walking if my client did not close that day.

This property was an exceptional deal and had approx $100,000 equity built in to the buy. It was Friday and thinking that everything would be closed I was leaving for a trip.

At 2 pm there was no closing but in the background my guys were working to figure out how to close this. I should mention the last international wire had issues and was not coming in on time. 

My client called me and wanted to speak with the sellers who were no nice people in all fairness. I informed them that that ship had sailed and we needed to close the property that day or we were finished!

The attorney called a friend or ours and he stepped up and said that he would cover the closing and get it there immediately. 

The title company was just exceptional at changing the paperwork and also helping this property to close. They stayed with the property and assisted me and the attorney during this time.

The client agreed to pay the extra amount of money that the lender was charging for the bridge loan and somehow we got that property closed.

I had to navigate through an upset seller, Selling agent and wiring issues. This went on for
1 week and I really had to work hard to get this one done. Having the experience and know-how allowed me to navigate this profitable deal for my client. 

International clients need a seasoned agent it is crucial to their success in every detail of their real estate journey.

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