Which Real Estate Investment is Best?: 1603 Winchester

This property has been creating income for this client since 2020. I see a lot of investments where the experts are crying about property management or they never show the results of their investments

I have also noticed they never talk about all the money they make even if the deal goes not so good?   I love to show our results for our clients because they get ownership and 100% of the properties net income. No splitting up with multiple people, just the owner getting all the greenbacks.  This property is another great example  Rent $1300 Tax $225 Insurance $60 PM $125 net $890 Leased for 38 months $32,040 in lease after taxes,insurance and property management Let's look at the projected new numbers after $8,050 updating. That's only $2.000 a year. Great properties get great tenants that take care of their property. Approx New Rent $1450 Tax $225 Insurance $60 PM $125 net $1040That is a $1800 a year increase on the lease and the Equity is approx $100,000. They say time is money and that is very true with real estate. Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or WhatsApp me I partner up with Avalon Group Realty to do all the property management Call Lori 440-695-3379

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