Why make Rental Real Estate very difficult


This property in Parma came to us with a tenant that had lived in the home rent FREE for 12+ months. The property manager had lost interest in the home and the client.

 When we got the green light immediately gave the tenant a 3 day notice. We went through the court system and got an eviction approved. The whole process took about 4 weeks.

We thought that we would have a vacant home soon and be able to get this home taken care of for the client.

Somehow the tenant got the clients international number and called them and set up a payment schedule to pay rent and the balance of 12 months that was owed. The investor believed the tenant and told us to adhere to the agreement he had made with the non paying tenant. All without our knowledge.

The next payment that was due per the agreement the tenant did not pay and never was going to pay. We had to start the whole process over because the investor believed the tenant and did not consult with a professional. 

Check out the Actual Property Below

We got the tenant evicted and took them to court because  the husband had a good job and we felt we could get the back rent back to the year owed. We also had  to get the sheriff to the property in order to get that tenant out.

We won that case and that was in 2022 and the client is still getting paid back on the balance owed through the tenants job the rent is deducted for their paycheck. 

We went into the home and updated it and Sold the property for this client and they made a healthy profit in the comfort of their home far far away. All this took about 90 days to complete.

The investor made this property difficult because of bad decisions. This investor thought keeping that bad tenant would save them money and it did not.

They should have let a professional handle it and it would have saved another fee for evicting and get their investment property profitable faster. 

Lessons learned should let professionals handle it. If the tenant was going to pay the back lease they would have done it through the property management which had tried to get the back rent paid already .

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