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This property was not purchased through us but the client called me and asked if we could assist in 2 properties she had. One we sold in Berea and this one is in Parma and the client wanted to lease the property.

We leased this property for 3 years and the Client Netted $27,546 and the client wanted to sell their home after the tenant vacated the home. '

We went in and rehabbed it and sold it in 2 weeks for top price. The client had purchased the property in 2019 and was losing massive money on it.

Here are the numbers when she went with us and we managed the property.

Netted $27,546 in Lease payments after repairs. They paid $81,100 for the property in 2019 and we sold it for $175,000. The client netted $68,546 on the sale of the property.

That means that this client netted $154,911 in just three years even after original construction in 2020 and updating in 2023 to sell.

That is how we take care of our clients and understand that each property needs to make money. This is what we do: Purchase, Rehab, Lease, manage and Sell income real estate. More importantly we make our clients money doing it.
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