9 Profitable Side Gigs For Real Estate Agents

Sometimes, a little extra income on the side helps. Maybe you’re a new agent still building your business, or closings are thin during a downturn. Never fear: There are other real estate-related means of earning money. Here are nine of the best.

Due diligence 

Don’t forget to check your state regulations and broker’s policies before you begin a side hustle. Some roles require state licensing or certification, and you may need to abide by conflict-of-interest or disclosure rules.

Side Gig Ideas

  • Home Staging. If you know what makes a home more inviting to buyers, offer your staging talents to your clients and other agents. You’ll have to spend money upfront to accumulate furniture and accessories to place in homes, and you’ll also need storage space for this inventory.
  • Listing Photographer. If you have photography skills and a professional camera, market yourself to shoot listing photos, walk-through videos, and even headshots for agents to use in their online and print marketing.
  • Social Media Management. Only some agents have the time or insight to skillfully manage their social media presence. Learning social media management methods will make you a valuable asset to fellow agents. You can also offer print marketing help.
  • Property management. This side business helps real estate investors with their rental properties. A property manager finds tenants and handles lease agreements, rent collection, maintenance, repair orders, etc. This is a lucrative side gig, but you must thoroughly vet your broker’s policies, state laws on landlord responsibilities, and real estate regulations before you begin.
  • Notary. While you won’t generate big bucks per transaction as a notary, you can earn a steady income stream by signing up with sites like Notarize.com
  • Virtual assistant. Free up agents from their many administrative tasks so they can do more profitable work. A virtual assistant calls to set appointments for the agent, produces marketing material, writes newsletters and blogs, manages transaction documents, coordinates closing matters with title companies, and handles other administrative issues. Time is money for agents, and you can significantly improve their efficiency.
  • Transaction Coordinator. From listing to closing, a real estate transaction requires dozens of steps, documents, and interactions. A transaction specialist shepherds the people and documents from start to finish. This is another valuable service you can offer agents that saves time and ensures the client an accurate and competent process. 
  • Showing Assistant. Agents may wish they could clone themselves to show houses to two clients at once. Hiring yourself out as a polished presenter to show homes for other agents is a helpful service. 
  • Coaching and Mentoring. A seasoned agent can earn a good side income teaching others, especially rookies. By coaching them, you can help shape the next generation of agents. Sign up with real estate training schools or develop your curriculum.

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