How Important is Property Managment in Income Real Estate?

Why is property management so important? It is the Oxygen of your continuous income. Basically Property Management can make or break you!

Having our own in house property management allows us to only get better at what we do. We have a 99.5% success rate with our real estate. How do we do that?

Just today Lori had to meet some tenants to approve a new tenant that is going on an existing lease.  Most property managers would just say yes and hope for the best! We want each property to make the maximum amount of income for their property.

Avalon Group Realty has been a great success for us and our investors. That does not mean we are not going to get better all the time! 

Avalon Group Realty does credit and background checks for each new tenant. This creates longer term tenants. Our average tenants stay 24 months or more! That saves our clients thousands of dollars in rehab by tenants staying longer.

We also get properties leased under 30 days at top price. That is because we have created our own marketing plan that gets eyes on our clients real estate faster. We move quickly to get potential tenants approved faster. 

Being in business for a long time also gets our properties pre-leased by great tenants we know and pay rent on time.  I have a current property that we have previous tenants moving into one of our properties this weekend.

We are just finishing one of our properties and these awesome tenants are moving out of one home because we are selling it. So there are 0 days on this property. 

Avalon also collects money many different ways with tenants with our modern software system. 

Keeping real estate making money is all we do....

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