Why Making Money Shouldn’t Be Your Primary Goal looking at real estate

Making money is of course important when your are buying real estate to live or invest in. As an Real Estate agent I am always looking for better and faster ways to service my clients needs.

I had a call for my partner yesterday that we needed to check a home for an issue that ended up not being an issue. I was out taking pics and videos for updates for a client and checking some construction. After completion of that I immediately went out to look at the issue and quickly tool care of it. That saved everybody time and worry.

Real Estate has many different facets that need taken care of before it is purchased. Just put a home in Escrow in Pepper Pike. That triggered getting the inspections set up and getting all the parties to agree on a time and date. You always want to get all the contingencies out of the way as soon as possible when purchasing a home. I am also collecting information for the buyers on community and other

Last night me and Lori worked on a Facebook ad for a listing that we just started marketing to get potential buyers in to look at. This is a practice of mine to get homes sold as quickly as possible. The ad is targeted to home buyers that want that area. It takes a long time to get the perfect ad made for a home.

We are also helping a client move properties to a new property management and have been in constant contact to ensure all that is handled and our client gets his income on time. This is taking a lot of time, but it benefits the clients.

When your clients have needs and you can service them you will make money in the long run, but more important is your client will be the biggest beneficiary of your services.

Taking the time to get my clients needs handled is all we are about......Need Real Estate? I'm Brett Call 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona

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