Don't get Cheated in Real Estate

Real Estate is usually one of your biggest purchases in your like. I am amazed at what real estate buyers will purchase from non licensed people. There are a lot of buyers that think that a home that is off market is a better deal. Off market real estate deals usually do not include anyone licensed and the seller is making a ton of money off the home that they purchased for a lot less than the buyers are paying for it. 

When I sell a home to a client the buyer gets a ton of information on a home. Licensed Realtors get information on a home and have their sellers fill out a Property Disclosure statements on their knowledge of the property.

More information is better for you the buyer and it helps you understand the home and what it needs. I even go a step further and send our clients an estimate on updating a home if needed. They get a detailed quote that breaks down the cost of updating the property.

If my clients are leasing a property I let them know what they can expect for rent. We had a 95% success rate on our projections that are based on reports and our experience. 

Being a Realtor I have also personally rehabbed and leased 100's of homes for my clients.

Real estate has many different factors to being a successful transaction and having the all the information you can get on each home you purchase. You need all that information in order not to get cheated on your next property. 

Need Real estate for your portfolio? Don't get cheated on your next real estate deals, call me I'm Brett and this is all I do 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona 

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