Technology is changing everything in Real Estate

Real Estate today is totally different today than it was before. Before Realtors had all tools and controlled the whole real estate market. Fast forward to today and it has all changed and will continue to do so for sometime. People have much more options to choose from and Realtors need more tools.

Technology is changing everything in the real estate business and so is a Realtors job! The modern agent needs to know how the new technology works and how it effects the clients and their needs.

Most potential buyers are looking at home online and seeing what is in the market almost daily. There are stats that show what areas people are looking the most at, and what is the most popular prices that are being viewed. That is very important data that an agent needs to know in order to advise their clients on the best price to list it at.

The other is getting the real estate looked at in the real estate sites. There are ways to advertise and keep your listing at the top. I noticed one of my Zillow listings where the most viewed home in that city by over double. It is important that a Realtor understands how to get more views on their clients listing.

Facebook is also another powerful tool that can get a home seen. The advertising rates is very reasonable if your know to do it. I personally have run a lot of Facebook ads that get potential buyers eyes on a home. The key again does your agent know how to do this?

Technology is a huge game changer for real estate for potential home buyers, sellers and Realtors.  The key is your Realtor ready for the new real estate technology and are you getting the best tools in this new Real Estate Market!

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