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A guide to real-estate investing

The guide to real estate investing has a lot of pages, not all pages are accessible to real estate investors. That is why I created a site for investors that will assist them in getting all the pages they need to make a intelligent decisions on buying a property.

What does this course go over? Basically everything and it helps you know where to get the information on homes to generate there rents,values, rehab, property management Etc Etc. The videos are easy to understand and there are always new videos going into this program to keep you updated. Those new videos are all included in this course for FREE.

The website is https://www.nextlevelpropertyinvestor.com/ and is jammed packed with all the tricks and information on how I became a successful investor. I have personally done many 100's of homes and understand all the pitfalls that any real estate investor can get into. That is why I invented this course to help you understand the ins and outs of real estate investing.

How is the best way to represent a offer to an seller? How can you know the values and the true rents in any area? How do you know your rehab crew is good on pricing? In a wholesale deal how much is the wholesaler really making on a deal? How do you create a professional team of boots on the ground? How can you pick the best property management company?

The list goes on and on...This is what this course was made for you the real estate investor. Go to the website an unlock the real estate secrets that I have learned since 1985. 

If you need to chat Call me I'm Brett ICON Agent at EXP Realty Ohio 216-703-5740  

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