Why I switched to Fathom Realty and Happy I did!

Why I switched to Fathom Realty and Happy I did!

When you are looking at a Realtor and their business it is crucial for the Real Estate Agent to collect as much commission as they can on each deal. Real Estate transactions can take a lot of time and energy.

Brokerages take money out on every deal to cover E&O and other expenses. Some brokerages take a percentage up to 50%, and I have even seen up to 70% if an agent is on a team. So the money that Realtors make really varies. 

That is why I joined up with Fathom Realty, they have all the software and assistance for agents you can ever want. They let you keep more money and that is so important for an agent's future. See the difference below:

Every Realtor needs to get every advantage. With 87% of the Realtor failing in the first 5 years every agent needs to keep all the money they can. 

Remember Realtors pay a lot of professional fees and they have to advertise. Most even have to pay for their own health insurance.

Fathom allows agents to keep most of their commissions and assist them in many ways to grow their business. I really appreciate a company that understands and services the people who bring in their income REALTORS! 

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