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Sustaining Yourself in Real Estate Part 1 (Realtor)

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Sustaining and modernizing your real estate business as an agent depends on the agent. I talk to agents that do not even know how to start marketing their business. They pay for leads that really cut into their commissions. These leads may be gone soon and what do you do then?

The other issue in sustaining your real estate business is being an expert at something in your local area. For example, do you know the trends for housing prices in areas you work in?  What are the projected rents? Why do people want to dwell in a certain area?

How do you communicate with your clients? For example, I have started communicating through video. A lot of times when you have an issue or need to have a detailed communication video may be the best and easiest way to do that. 

Sustaining a real estate business relies on getting new clients and creating unique businesses to build your platform. I picked up leasing homes for clients and that generated 40-60 homes a year. That also allows me to advise them on selling their properties and gets me even more business.

Opening up new business with what you are doing in your existing business can really boost your sales. You have to really look and understand what unique opportunities you can do in your real estate services.

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